Søren's CV

About Søren

Born: Lambeth, London 1970's, brought up in Brixton and named Soren after a Danish film director my parents knew.

I started life drawing at the age of 12 at Camberwell College of Arts every Saturday morning.
Studied: City & Guilds of London School of Art, under the fantastic tutors Diane Magee and Chris Hough who really taught me how to draw City and Guilds of London 1991

Qualification: Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (With Distinction)

Camberwell College of Arts, London Camberwell College of Arts 1991 - 1995 / 1996 - 1998

Qualifications: BA (Hons) followed by Master of Arts degree attained by the age of 24.

Exhibited: The Royal Academy of Art (London), National Print Fair (Barbican) National Print Show (National Theatre) among others! Royal Academy of Arts

My artwork has been purchased by customers from all over the globe.


Soren on TV